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Digital downloads are among the top-selling products on the internet.

Almost anything can be a digital download – movies, books, music, software and even art. Those who already sell downloads to their customers know that it’s not as difficult, time-consuming, or expensive as some may think. In fact selling digital downloads is not only profitable, but it is amazingly affordable!

If you’re considering selling downloads, you are in store for a very lucrative business career and If you haven’t already started, discover the facts now.




The process of setting up an online store can be quite daunting if you’re just getting started. There are so many different shopping carts and sell download providers today.

But how do you know what to look for? And most importantly, how do you know which solution will grow your business and help you achieve your goals?

If you want to stack the odds of success in your favour there are six critical things you must consider when setting up your online store.


  • Technical Ability
  • Hosted or Installed
  • Ease of Use
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Tools
  • Regular Updates

Selling online is more than just choosing the right download delivery method, however. You need to think about where your business is now and where you’d like it to be in 12 months or two years from now.

Do you want to be the next Or do you simply want to make enough money from your online store to quit your day job?

Whatever your needs are, choosing the right shopping cart or sell download software is essential.




Download Delivery Terminal
The Easy to use Download Delivery System

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Our Sell Downloads System is a lightweight and efficient alternative to expensive and complex shopping carts..


Technical Ability - ZERO learning curve. you don't need to be a genius or a geek to benefit from our download delivery software. Our simple cut and paste system makes it easy for everyone to turn their static website or blog in to an e-store without the steep learning curve.


No Recurring Fee's - Unlike many download delivery solutions on the market, we only require a single payment and guarantee lifetime support. Avoid un-necessary recurring fees.


Compliments your SEO and Marketing efforts - Our system was carefully designed with you in mind! It works smoothly hand-in-hand with your current website and won't damage your current internet marketing achievements.

So whether you use WordPress or Content Management Software (e.g. Joomla) you can sell downloads quickly and easily without damaging your internet footprint!

Integrated List Builder - With a click, create a subscriber form on your website, visitors can then sign-up and join your email marketing list, The system will can even send a download to new subscribers as a gift!

Over 100 Buy Button styles - included 'buy buttons' styles to fit in with brand and identity of your website. You can also add more as you wish, the system will automatically recognise new styles.

Individual Purchases - Sell download is an effective alternative to complex shopping carts because it offers individual purchases to your customers. To explain, when your customer clicks a "Buy Button" on your website they are taken straight to checkout (instead of filling a shopping cart first).

Over 90% of our customers agree that, in their experience, buyers tend to purchase single items or bundled items instead of filling a shopping cart. By catering for the individual purchase, we have created a powerful, lightweight and affordable alternative to complex shopping carts!

Uniquely our system can process payments and serve downloads for different domain names many of our customers have multiple websites all with downloads delivered by a single copy of our system, making it very cost effective.

To see a website that running our Download Delivery System click here







Satisfy Your Customers WITHOUT a Complex Shopping Cart.

Sell Downloads, No Complex Shopping Cart Required


Selling downloads does not need to be complex or time consuming as long as you choose the best solution for you and your business, Complex shopping carts are critical for the big players like amazon but is it overkill for your needs?

More customers make a single purchase from websites instead of stacking the shopping cart to the brim. A download solution without the complex shopping cart may fit your needs completely.




Download Delivery Terminal

Works with any website, even if you use a content management system, or similar easy website builder tools.

sell download Compatible with paypal and popular CMS systems



Our Sell Download System is lightweight yet powerful enough to capture and process sales of your digital products without the complexity of a shopping cart.



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A Payment Processor Your Customers Can Trust.


Sell Downloads Paypal Compatible

When you sell digital downloads, you want to get paid, we all do. So, that means you need to make the payment options provided to your customers as easy, convenient, and fast as possible.

In today’s age of instant gratification, no one wants a slow purchase or payment process. The easier your method of accepting payments, the more sales you are likely to experience.

Many online sellers set up their own credit card and bank payment process, though this can be quite costly. Serious online retailers such as yourself should take advantage of PayPal services.

PayPal is the affordable solution for those who sell digital download files. buyers to have an increased sense of security when making their purchase.

Our system is fully integrated with paypal for your customers peace of mind.





DDT- Download Delivery Terminal - Features


YES (DDT) Will Deliver ALL Types of Download Regardless of Size or Format Instantly.

YES (DDT) Will Delivery All Types of Serial Number or Licence Key Instantly.

YES (DDT) Works 100% with PayPal. You Get Paid Instantly.

YES (DDT) Works 100% On Web Servers That Support, PHP & MySQL Databases



With sensational and innovative features our software also contains our unique 'Unrestricted Delivery Sales Tool'. Watch a presentation.

In Brief

  • Sell your products via auction or any other method and our system can deliver your download, all you need is your customers email address. This also allows greater flexibility options like accepting cash and other forms of payment.









NO RECURRING FEE'S Like Other Download Delivery Services

Whilst there are plenty of alternative download delivery programs and shopping carts, recurring fee's are common and can easily swallow your profit. FROM $24.00 Per Month To $299.00 Per Month From £59.00 to £399.00 Per Year From $5.00 to £265.00 Per Month $14.95 Per Month and 4.9% Transaction Charge


Why not ditch the recurring fee's and choose the dependable download delivery method that complements your business and keeps your customers coming back for more.



Start Using The Easiest Download Delivery System Available


  • 24/7 Lifetime Product Support
  • Install and run from your own website!
  • No Recurring Fee's
  • Simply 'Copy and Paste' buy buttons on your webpage or blog
  • Dependable and uncomplicated download delivery
  • Simply upload 'Download Delivery Terminal' to your website and your ready to start selling downloads.


Download Delivery Terminal
The Easy to use Download Delivery System

Sell Download Box


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Transform Your Static Webpage or Blog into..

A Digital Download e-Store-front


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